vending service and micro-markets in Daly City

State-of-the-Art Daly City Vending Machines

Our Daly City vending machines are modern and state-of-the-art- creating the ultimate break room experience. For starters, employees will enjoy touchless payment options at our Daly City vending machines creating safe and quick payments. Every Daly City vending machine is remotely monitored, which allows us to ensure that your vending machines are always stocked with your favorite snack, meals, and beverages. This same technology alerts us when your Daly City vending machines are not working correctly, giving us the opportunity to quickly address any issues you may have.

office coffee and micro markets in Daly City

Daly City Micro-Markets Employees Love

Take your break room to the next level with Daly City micro-markets. A Daly City micro-market is like having your own convenience store on-site. No matter what type of refreshments you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to create a Daly City mico-market that is stocked with exactly what you want. Your employees will love having quick access to their favorite snacks, meals, and beverages in the break room. Through our local catering service we can also provide you with fresh and healthy options in your Daly CIty micro-market.

Daly City office pantry service

Use Daly City Pantry Service as an Employee Benefit

In today’s world, employees are looking for more then just traditional benefits. One way employers are providing extra benefits for their employees is through a Daly City Pantry Service. Daly City Pantry Service offers refreshments for free or at a reduced cost to the employees. By providing a Daly City Pantry Service you’re providing the fuel and energy employees need to continue to stay productive throughout the day. Daly City Pantry Service also provides a place for employees to take a break and recuperate as well as a place for them to collaborate with other employees. This will make employees feel appreciated and valued, inturn, boosting office morale!

Daly City office coffee and snack vending machines

Daly City Coffee Service Keeps Office Productive

Most employees drink 1-2 cups of coffee throughout the day. And, if they do not have access to coffee at work then they will head off-site to get it. Daly City coffee service is the perfect solution to this. With our Daly City single-cup office coffee service employees will have access to delicious café quality coffee drinks. Our bean-to-cup and single-cup coffee brewers offer the freshest options when it comes to Daly City office coffee service. We can also provide trendy coffee drinks like cold brew coffee through our partnership with a local brand.

Daly City water filtration services and office coffee

Convenient Daly City Water Service

Daly City Office Water Service is a convenient solution for hydration. We have many Daly City Water Service options available so that we can create a custom solution for your break room or office. You’ll be amazed at how much employees love having access to fresh, filtered Daly City Water Service throughout the day. Because all minerals and impurities are filtrated out, Daly City Water Service will even take their coffee and tea flavor to the next level.