Our Wellness Program empowers consumers to make informed snack choices!


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To meet the needs of people throughout San Jose, East Bay and all of San Francisco Bay, we stock a wide variety of healthier vending machine options including popular snack items, like chips, candy bars and cookies that feature reduced levels of fat, cholesterol and sodium. Our large selection of beverages includes bottled waters, juices, teas, Vitamin waters, diet sodas and low-calorie sports drinks.

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FitPick® Program


Our hot beverage vending machines deliver coffee, cappuccino and tea, with the ability to flavor beverages to each customer’s specific tastes, and dispense in either 8- or 12-ounce cup sizes.

Part of the challenge of healthier eating is making the choices. To help achieve your personal goals, we take part in the FitPick program. We apply stickers directly to vending machine food/snack/beverage items to identify healthier products. This makes identifying and choosing healthier items simple.


Businesswoman in cubicle using laptop and eating saladHealthier choices aren’t just important for the employee, but the employer as well. That’s because healthier employees are happier, as a result more productive. In keeping up with today’s healthier trends most people want healthier choices, so offering them will be seen as a nice little fringe benefit.

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