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Vending Machines in San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay

Nothing beats having delicious vending machine options in your San Jose San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay break room. PVS Refreshments offers just that to area businesses with a large inventory of snacks, foods, and drinks to choose from. Let us create a perfectly tailored vending machine menu that increases productivity and boosts morale. With our extensive knowledge of the San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay, we have the experience to make your break room or company vending machine exceptional and customized to your needs. Plus, we offer State-of-the-art technology so you know our vending machines are always running, filled and dependable. At PVS Refreshments, we off it all.

Three service types to ensure the perfect solution

Choose from one of our first class vending machine programs that cover traditional service to free product vending.

Traditional Vending

Employees or guests pay full price at the vending machine but for a great tasting combination of brand name, value, and healthy products.

  • Location incurs no cost
  • Today’s best snack and drinks
  • Modern vending machines
  • 24/7 rapid response service
Subsidized Vending

Cover part of the cost for products in the beverage vending machine and snack vending machine to highlight healthy or keep prices low.

  • Boost productivity and morale
  • Put healthy items in the spotlight
  • Shared vending cost structure
  • Solution price is fully customizable
Free Vending

It’s difficult to increase wages, but offering free snacks and drinks in the vending machine to employees can increase morale and boost productivity.

  • Reinvigorate your break room
  • Show employees you care
  • Save money over other benefits
  • Stop pilfering with free vend

Advanced technology to ensure the very best customer service for your vending machine needs.

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