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Alameda vending machines and office coffee servicePVS Refreshments Provides Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service in Alameda

Having a complete vending solution in your Alameda workplace gives you more benefits than you might think! When your staff has the refreshments they want close at hand, they’re less likely to venture out into other parts of Alamedanto refuel. With that comes an increase in production. And when you opt for the free vending option, your workers’ morale can increase as well.


Alameda water filtration and office coffee serviceThe City of Alameda Delivers Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service

  • Office coffee service, complete with everything you need for your Alameda workplace. Start with quality coffee equipment, and then keep your break room shelves fully stocked with single cup systems, flavored coffees and teas and other hot beverages.
  • Water filtration systems that do away with the need for heavy jugs. Instead, get a plumbed-in system.
  • Vending machines stocked with your choice of great items, including traditional vending items such as chips and cookies, healthy items that are low-fat or low-carb, and even cold food vending. Beverage options include Coca Cola and Pepsi vending products.

PVS Refreshments Micro-Markets in Alameda

  • Micro-markets that give workers an even wider variety of options, all in a convenient corner store-like environment.
  • With a self-checkout kiosk that accepts debit and credit cards, they’re fun and easy to use.
  • Free vending options that give your team an extra perk that can help to boost morale. It costs far less than other benefits, but it reaps big rewards for you.

With great offerings, awesome service and options that can help to increase employee morale, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait to get the best in vending that Alameda has to offer!

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