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Berkeley vending machinesYour Premier vending machines and office coffee service in Berkeley

Your Berkeley employees have a lot of options when it comes to getting food and drinks outside the office — but what if they didn’t have to venture out to get what they needed? When you provide quality vending options, right in your Berkeley workplace, your team won’t need to leave the workplace to refuel. And when you keep them close by, they’ll workers will tend to stay on the job longer. That’s a good thing for your bottom line!

To give them the best options — as well as giving you the best vending service in Berkeley — choose PVS Refreshments. We are proud to offer a wide selection at a competitive price.

Office Coffee Service and water filtration in Berkeley

Your office coffee provider and water filtration service in Berkeley

  • Vending machines stocked with a customized blend of food and drink options, including traditional vending items, cold food vending, or healthy items, as well as the sodas, juices and waters that your team loves.
  • A free vending option that lets your business cover the cost, while offering a welcome benefit to your employees.
  • Workers love it, and managers love it too, for its ability to increase morale.

Your Leading Micro-Market Service Provider in Berkeley

  • Micro-markets that turn your break room into a small corner store. Unlike your typical vending machines, micromarkets have everything set up on open racks and coolers, where people can grab what they want and then pay with a credit or debit card.
  • Office coffee service that’s as elaborate or as simple as you desire. Choose basic coffee equipment and supplies, or make it fancier by stocking flavored coffees and teas or single cup coffee systems.
  • Water filtration systems that are plumbed into your Berkeley building’s water supply. No more carrying around 5-gallon jugs

Great vending service is headed your way in Berkeley! Get in touch today to find out more.

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