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Vending Machines throughout DublinPVS Refreshments’ Leading Vending Machines and Office Coffee Provider in Dublin

Up your workplace vending game by working with PVS Refreshments! We are proud to bring a great selection vending products and amazing service to our customers in Dublin and the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Customers turn to us not just for our service with a smile, but also for the man options that help to give them an edge over other area employers.

For one, we offer our customers in Dublin the option to provide free vending, which can help to increase morale among your staff. By footing the bill for the snacks and drinks, you’ll be providing a great perk that costs less than other employee benefits.


Office Coffee Service and water filtration in DublinPVS Refreshments Distributes Premier office coffee service and water filtration in Dublin

  • Office coffee service. Stock your break room with flavored coffees and teas, single cup coffee systems or other hot beverages — as well as quality coffee equipment and coffee supplies.
  • Water filtration systems. Don’t settle for those heavy 5-gallon jugs; instead, we’ll help install a plumbed-in water system for your Dublin building. It’s easier and still delivers great water!
  • Vending machines stocked with food items such as healthy vending products, cold food vending, or traditional items. For beverages, choose carbonated and non carbonated beverages from Coca Cola vending machines and Pepsi vending machines.
  • Free vending that shows your workers you’re willing to go the extra mile to keep them happy and satisfied throughout the work day.

Dublin Provides Open Market Micro-Markets

  • Micro-markets offering even more variety, all in a fun and convenient package! With micro-markets, the food and beverages are laid out on handy racks and coolers, and workers can pay for items using a credit or debit card.

Isn’t it time you had the best in vending that Dublin has to offer? That’s what you’ll get with PVS Refreshments!

Call our team today at 844.527.4800, or email for more information.