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Livermore vending machinesLivermore Premier Vending Machines and Office Coffee Provider

When you’re looking for top-quality vending products and awesome vending service in Livermore, you’ve come to the right place! PVS Refreshment is proud to serve not just Livermore, but the entire Bay Area with a fine selection of vending products, with great prices and superior service.

We do it because we know that it’s an important part of being a good employer. Keeping your break room stocked with quality food and drink items keeps your Livermore workers on the job longer — and that in turn can help to increase production and boost morale. And when you opt for our free vending program, workers’ morale goes up even more.


Livermore’s office coffee and water filtration service

Your Distinguished Water Filtration Service Provider and Office Coffee Service in Livermore

  • Office coffee service. Choose the coffee equipment that’s right for the size of your Livermore business, and then add in flavored teas and coffees, single cup systems or other specialty coffee products.
  • Water filtration. With our systems, you won’t have to deal with water deliveries ever again! Instead, we have plumbed-in water systems that deliver great-tasting hot and cold water.
  • Vending machines. Beverage service includes Coca Cola vending products and Pepsi vending products, including juices, waters and sodas. Food items include traditional vending products such as chips, cold food vending products such as sandwiches, and healthy vending products such as low-calorie and low-carb items.

Micro-Market, Self-Serve Kiosks Throughout Livermore

  • Micro-markets. For the widest selection of vending products, take part in this popular trend in vending! Micro-markets are set up like a small corner store, with racks and coolers that make getting what you need easy and fast. Plus, a self-pay kiosk that accepts debit and credit cards makes it convenient to pay for items.
  • Free vending. Want to give your workers a simple, low-cost perk? Try free vending. The business covers the cost, and your Livermore workers get a perk that costs less than other employee benefits.

Get in touch with PVS Refreshment today to find out more about how we can help you and your Livermore business!


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