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Menlo Park vending machinesYour Premier vending machines Provider and Office Coffee Service in Menlo Park

If youʼre looking for the best in vending in Menlo Park, then youʼre in the right place. We at PVS Refreshments take pride in offering a host of vending options for our clients in Menlo Park, as well as the wider San Francisco Bay Area. We know that vending is more than just food and drinks; itʼs also a way to increase morale and to keep workers closer to their work — which can mean increased productivity across the workplace.

When you work with us, weʼll help you customize a combination of vending items, in order to best meet the needs of your Menlo Park team.


Office Coffee Service and water filtration in Menlo Park Your office coffee provider and water filtration service in Menlo Park

  • Office coffee service. Give your workers that extra perk they need with a well-stocked coffee area. Choose the coffee machines or coffee equipment that works best in your space, and then add in flavored coffees and teas, single cup coffee systems and more.
  • Vending machines. For snacks, choose from cold food vending machines, healthy vending machines and the traditional vending machine items. Then stock up on Coca Cola vending products and Pepsi vending products, including juices, sodas and water.
  • Free vending. Generously offer the snacks and drinks your Menlo Park workers love, at no cost to them. Itʼs a great perk that costs less than some other employee benefits.

Look No Farther Than Your Leading Micro-Market Service Provider in Menlo Park

  • Micro-markets. For even more variety in your break room, put in a micro-market — set up like a small corner store. With easy-grab racks and coolers and a self-checkout kiosk that accepts credit and debit cards, theyʼre a fun, convenient option.
  • Water filtration. With our plumbed-in systems, you wonʼt have to carry in any more 5- gallon jugs; get clean water with a simple press of a button.

No matter what your vending needs in Menlo Park, PVS Refreshments is here to serve!

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