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Vending Machine provider in San Francisco Your Premier vending machines Provider and office coffee service in San Francisco

In the modern workplace, employers are offering more variety in their vending options — and to keep pace, your San Francisco company should definitely be part of that movement. Offering a wide selection of snacks and drinks for your employees can help to keep them on the job longer, and that in turn will help to increase your San Francisco businessʼ revenues. Who wouldnʼt want that?


Water Filtration and Office Coffee Service throughout San FranciscoThe City of San Francisco Offers the Very Best in Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration

  • Vending machines that include Coca Cola vending machines and Pepsi vending machines stocked with a full complement of juices, sodas and waters; snack vending machines that can include traditional vending items, cold food vending and even healthy vending items.
  • Free vending options that allow your business to foot the bill, thereby offering a generous benefit to employees thatʼs actually lower-cost than other benefits you can offer.

PVS Refreshments is Your Leading Micro-Market Service Provider in San Francisco

  • Micro-markets that are set up like a small market, right in your San Francisco workplace. With handy racks and coolers and a self-pay kiosk that accepts debit cards and credit cards, itʼs the vending option with the most options and the most convenience.
  • Office coffee systems that provide single cup coffee systems, flavored teas and coffees, and the coffee equipment you need to keep your employees fueled up for the work day.
  • Water filtration systems that are plumbed into your buildingʼs water supply, thus taking away the need for heavy 5-gallon jugs.

With so many options to choose from, PVS Refreshments is the top choice for vending
in the San Francisco area. Get in touch with our PVS Refreshments team today to discuss your vending needs!

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