The Most Advanced Vending Equipment

Coke and Pepsi Vending Machines in San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay

Vending Equipment in San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay

We guarantee the best vending machine experience you have ever had. At PVS Refreshments, that begins with a superior quality vending machine. No matter where your workplace is in the San Jose, San Francisco Bay or East Bay area, we will place a premium Crane Merchandiser Media vending machine. These vending machines have video screens on the vending door that show sales promotions and allow flexible shopping and payment opportunities. The vending user can select multiple items before completing the purchase. Once ready, pay with cash or cashless such as credit or debit cards. These machines even accept mobile wallets like Apple pay, Google Wallet, and others.

Besides improving the user experience, the Crane Merchant Media vending machines use technology to save electricity and avoid lost money. Each vending machine is built to meet Energy Star standards. Products are lit with LED bulbs that conserve energy compared to fluorescent tubes. Sensors inside the vending machine detect if a product is vended. If the purchased item does not drop, then the money is automatically refunded.

BevMax Pepsi

BevMax Coke

BevMax Media 7 Narrow Crane

BevMax Media F Crane

Voce Media Master Crane

Merchant Media Narrow Crane

Merchant Media Combo Crane

Merchant Media Snack Crane

Merchant Media Media Combo Fit Pick Crane

Merchant Media Combo Food Crane


Merchant Media Combo Food Narrow Crane

Coca Cola Chameleon Wide Crane

Coca Cola 3D VIS Wide Crane

Pepsi HVV Wide Crane

Upgrade your vending machines to top-of-the-line equipment which saves energy and provides the BEST vending experience with PVS Refreshments at 844-527-4800 or email