Our water filtration services ensure that every drink tastes just as good as the last

Hot or cold filtered water without all the hassle

Water Filtration Service in San Jose, San Francisco Bay area and East Bay


Our water filtration services allow you to provide your employees with great tasting water whenever they want it. Don’t worry about making a mess with big 5 gallon containers (or finding a place to store them) – with our water filtration units, water comes directly from your water line.

Instant filtered hot and cold water is perfect for tea, instant coffee, soup, or anything else your workforce could want. And filtered water won’t leave behind nasty scale deposits on your coffee brewers – not to mention your beverages will taste consistently delicious. Upgrade your breakroom with a water filtration unit today.

Water Coolers for San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay

Filtered water for all of your workplace needs

Compact design, versatile application, and water that tastes simply awesome.

No more storing big gallon containers of water – our units are connected to your water line


One Stop Shop

Our water filtration services provide you with regular filter changes, bottled water, and whatever else your breakroom needs.


Our compact countertop models are ideal for breakrooms with limited floor space.


Get instant hot or cold filtered water with just the press of a button – whenever you need it.


Looking for that traditional water cooler aesthetic? Our floor standing models are just for you.



Keep your employees hydrated with delicious, great-tasting water whenever they want.

Bottled water in San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay

Have a big event coming up?
We’ll provide the water!

While a water filtration unit is ideal, sometimes you need a fresh bottle of water away from the office. We can provide you with bottled water for your next corporate event, wherever it might be. Choose from Aquafina, Nestle, Crystal Geyser, Dasani, and more – we’ll deliver bottled water right to your door.

Hydrate and refuel your workforce with our hassle-free water filtration services. Call PVS Refreshments today at (844) 527-4800 or email at info@pvsvending.com to get started.