Vending machines and water filtration service in Palo AltoGreat Vending Service for Palo Alto Break Rooms

PVS Refreshments delivers a comprehensive service for Palo Alto vending customers. Whether your workplace wants beverage vending to combat thirst or food vending machines for quick meals, we have the vending equipment your business needs. Palo Alto employees will love our vending product selection and modern technology. Our vending equipment is mobile payment enabled, making it easy to purchase a drink or snack from the Palo Alto break room vending machine.

Office coffee service and snack vending machines in Palo Alto

Palo Alto’s Preferred Office Coffee and Water Service

Every office needs coffee. That’s why we deliver premium coffee and tea solutions through our Palo Alto office coffee service. Tell us what you need and we supply it, whether it is a traditional pot coffee brewer or single cup coffee brewer. We also carry gourmet coffees and coffee products such as cups and stir sticks that will finish off the perfect Palo Alto break room. Now your employees won’t need to visit the Palo Alto coffee shop, especially if you opt for a high-end bean-to-cup coffee brewer that makes espresso and coffee-based specialty drinks.

Never have dehydrated employees again with delicious office water. That’s what PVS Refreshments provides with our water filtration service. We have plumbed-in water filtration units that attach to your existing water line. They deliver great-tasting water. Choose either a free-standing unit or countertop water filtration system. Either way, this is the best water filtration solution for your break room.

Micro-markets and healthy vending machines in Palo Alto

Micro-Market Service for Today’s Palo Alto Businesses

Get the very best Palo Alto break room around with micro-market service from PVS Refreshments. Each Palo Alto micro-market is an open-concept retail store customized to fit inside your break room. That’s right. Onsite, we put in coolers, racks, and shelves stuffed with fresh food, drinks, candy, healthy products, and snacks just for your Palo Alto employees. All purchases are made using the intuitive self-checkout kiosk, which accepts cash, credit cards, and even mobile payments. Micro-markets are open around the clock and deliver a break room upgrade that boosts employee morale.

Pantry services and office coffee service in Palo Alto

Retention Boosting Office Pantry Service for Palo Alto

Elevate your break room with our Palo Alto office pantry service. How? By offering employees not just office coffee, but snacks and other drinks free in your Palo Alto break room as well. Your employees will love the idea, making them happier and more loyal to your Palo Alto company. PVS Refreshments handles all the heavy-lifting. You tell us what items you want and what you want to spend, then we take care of the rest. We’ll even stock your break room with the office pantry snacks and drinks. Everything is accounted for in one monthly, easy-to-read invoice.

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