What is a
single-cup coffee

San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento single-cup brewers use pre-packaged coffee with numerous flavors and strength options. Whether it’s a pod, pouch, or K-cup, employees will love a fresh cup every time they brew coffee.

San Francisco Bay Area single cup coffee service

Unique Options

If you’re looking for unique flavor options, look no further! Enjoy fun flavors like dove chocolate or vanilla hazelnut.


Since all single-cup coffee comes in sealed pre-packaged pods, cups, and packages, each cup is guaranteed to be fresh.

Variety of Options

Everyone has different taste buds; with single-cup brewers, employees can pick the flavor or brew they want!

Single cup coffee service in San Francisco Bay Area

Upgrade your office with a single-cup coffee service in San Francisco Bay Area
and Sacramento.

Adding delicious café-quality coffee can impact your office positively. Many offices see a boost in employee engagement, productivity, and employer appreciation.


Modern coffee brewers with state-of-the-art technology make a world of difference in the quality of each cup of coffee. That’s why we use only the best single-cup coffee machines.

Looking for the freshest cup of coffee?

Try our bean-to-cup coffee service! Enjoy modern brewers that use freshly ground beans to make today’s trendiest coffee drinks.

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee with single-cup coffee service in the
San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento.

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