Sacramento Loves Single Cup Brewers

Single Cup Brewers | Sacramento Office Coffee | Bean to Cup

Sacramento Loves Single Cup Brewers

Single Cup Brewers | Sacramento Office Coffee | Bean to Cup

PVS Refreshments Sacramental Office Coffee Service brings top-quality single cup brewers to your break room. It’s among the top office break room perks that benefit employee experiences. And it’s a bonus for employee retention.

With a broad selection – from flavors, to coffee strengths, and various single-use tea sachet types, including green and decaf – you’ll provide choices. Your employees will get a warm, satisfying single cup beverage experience at your Sacramento location.

Single Cup Brewers Offer Personalized Choices

Employees will love having coffee choices personalized through single cup brewer services, right in the office break room. We offer premeasured coffee pods – ensuring the freshest experience. We have bean to cup on demand grinds and specialty teas. There’s something for everyone.

And, Single cup is easy offering a wide variety of prepackaged coffee, in lots of flavors and strengths. Single cup options come in pods, pouches, and K-cups. That makes single cup brewers fresh, tasty, quick, and efficient. Your employees are sure to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, every time.

Gourmet Blends

PVS Refreshments Sacramento brings top-quality specialty coffee and gourmet blends to your employee’s workday.  Bean to cup coffee offers the cleanest and tastiest single-cup brewer experience. It’s never cold, and never bitter. Sacramento employees can enjoy specialty quality coffee – like lattes and cappuccinos – in their office break rooms with on-demand brewing, at any time.

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What’s more, sophisticated single cup brewers eliminate flavor cross-over for the next coffee user. Your coffee choice – and its flavor – is never altered.

Single Cup Brewers are Perfect for Tea Drinkers

In addition to quality coffee, single-cup brewers, and gourmet blends, we have your tea drinkers covered. Tea benefits are universal. It fights inflammation. It boosts the immune system and your bones, too. And tea ramps up your metabolism. From stress-reducing blends to productivity-boosting green tea, drinking tea is a time-honored tradition. And it just tastes good!

Encourage Breaks

Encouraging employees to take mini breaks is a break room perk sure to increase your employees’ experience. What’s more, that mid-morning or afternoon cup has remarkable health benefits, too.

Mini breaks increase productivity. They create space for employees to relax their bodies and their minds. By promoting employee wellness and stress relief, you’re showing a well-stocked break room matters to your business. And a well-stocked break room goes the extra mile, sending a signal to employees you care about their welfare. You’re invested in their success.

Contact PVS Refreshments at 844.527.4800 or for more information about our office coffee service. We look forward to working with you!