Fresh fruit you can
get excited about

We’re excited about our partnership with Branch to Box and we think you’ll be excited too! Select from multiple options to fit your specific needs.  We’ll deliver fresh, delicious fruit straight to your breakroom.

No hassle
delivery with
your other

Quick and easy
access to healthy
options throughout
the day.

Beautiful and
convenient packaging
for your
break room.

Who is Branch to Box?

Branch to Box is a family-owned orchard that works with other orchards to deliver assorted fresh fruit and healthy snacks straight to your break room.

Healthy improves the office

Studies show that employees who eat healthily have an improved work experience. Providing healthy refreshments in the break room directly impacts your office.

27% less likely to call out sick

15% more productive

Corporate Wellness made easy

Imagine how much healthier and happier your employees would be if they had easy access to fresh fruit in your break room. With it’s possible!

Does your insurance cover wellness?

Healthy employees reduce health care costs.  Because of this, many healthcare companies cover wellness initiatives like fresh fruit in the break room. Does yours?

Make your workplace stand out to talented SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA AND SACRAMENTO employees

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