Vending machines and water filtration service in Pleasant HillPleasant Hill’s Most Comprehensive Vending Service

No one beats PVS Refreshments service. Our Pleasant Hill vending service provides businesses with modern, reliable vending machines offering beverages and snacks 24/7. Our vending machines are filled with top-selling soda, sparkling water, juices, salty snacks, granola bars, and more all chosen for Pleasant Hill employees and guests. Plus, both drink vending machines and snack vending machines accept cashless payments, which includes mobile pay. This makes it easy for anyone in your Pleasant Hill break room to make a purchase and enjoy a delicious refreshment.  

Office coffee service and snack vending machines in Pleasant Hill

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service Fueling Pleasant Hill Businesses

Need unique or gourmet office coffee solutions? PVS Refreshments offers it all in our Pleasant Hill office coffee service. Enjoy single-cup coffee brewers that make coffee while you wait. Choose just the coffee you want and customize it just the way you like it. Upgrade to our bean-to-cup coffee machine to create a Pleasant Hill office cafe right in your break room. Employees will love the variety of delicious coffee drinks and the time it saves them from having to leave your Pleasant Hill office.

Another popular option for local businesses is our Pleasant Hill water filtration service. We provide countertop or floor-standing water filtration systems that take your current water and make it delicious. Everything is self-contained and attaches to your existing water line delivering filtered water on demand, both hot and cold.

Micro-markets and healthy vending machines in Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill’s Choice for Stellar Micro-Market Service

Make an impact in your break room with Pleasant Hill micro-market service. This is where we bring shelves and coolers full of snacks, treats, food, and drinks into your break room. Your Pleasant Hill employees shop the micro-market grabbing what they want when they want. All forms of payment are accepted at the self-checkout kiosk, including mobile payments. We inventory and restock the Pleasant Hill micro-market to always keep it ready for your employees. 

Pantry services and office coffee service in Pleasant Hill

Top-Ranked Pleasant Hill Office Pantry Service 

Stand out among the competition with our Pleasant Hill office pantry service. Based on your budget, we will purchase and stock your Pleasant Hill break room with snacks and drinks. Your employees enjoy the refreshments daily, and you enjoy increased productivity. Finally, we will send you an invoice for what’s used in your Pleasant Hill office pantry, meaning there is no inventory or work needed on your end. 

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