Numerous Water Filtration Options

One-Stop Shop

We do more than provide water – we’ll also provide you with regular filter changes, bottled water, and whatever else your breakroom needs.

Great-Tasting Water

Your employees will apprecaite having access to fresh, filtrated water all day long.

Bottleless Units

Skip the need for 5-gallon bottles and go with our bottleless option that’s connected to your water line.

Countertop Models

If you have a small amount of space, you’ll enjoy our countertop models.

Hot & Cold Water

Make a hot cup of tea instantly with our hot filtrated water, or enjoy a cold cup of water with just the press of a button.

Floor-Standing Models

If floor standing models are your thing, we can quickly provide those for you too.


Whether you’re looking to enjoy your favorite iced coffee or enjoy a cold glass of ice water, the Follet© ice machine makes fresh ice possible.

Sparkling Water

Enjoy everyone’s favorite healthy beverage, sparkling water, in the office with the Bevi© water machine.

Touch-less Technology

Skip the germs and enjoy the water.

Bevi© machines allow us to offer fresh and flavorful water
through a touch-less experience.

Boost Productivity

Studies show that hydrated employees are 14% more productive.

Enjoy fresh water and ice
without the extra impurities.


By adding a Water Filtration service and encouraging employees to bring their bottles, you will be significantly reducing your company’s carbon footprint!

Make your workplace stand out to talented SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA AND SACRAMENTO EMPLOYEES

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