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For great Richmond vending service, you’ve come to the right place. PVS Refreshments offers modern vending equipment full of popular snacks and drinks. In our snack vending machines, your Richmond employees and customers will find crunchy chips, tasty treats, nutritious nuts, and more. We stock them regularly, so there’s always something delicious. What about drinks? Not to worry. You’ll find our cold drink machines full of brand-name soda and bottled water. What about purchasing options? You can buy refreshments from our vending machines with a credit card or a mobile wallet. That ensures the experience in your Richmond break room is first-rate.

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Leading Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service Serving Richmond

Keep your employees alert and working well with the best Richmond office coffee service. PVS Refreshments offers gourmet coffee from major brands and in all the latest blends. Plus, we offer our office coffee service customers coffee brewers to use in their Richmond break rooms. These can be traditional coffee pot brewers or single-cup coffee brewers. Single-cup coffee machines that use coffee pods are great for offering Richmond employees a variety of drinks using just one machine. You can even take it up a notch by getting a bean-to-cup coffee machine. This uses fresh beans to brew each cup of coffee, espresso, latte, or cappuccino.

Get pure-tasting water at the push of a button with our Richmond water filtration service. These systems are plumbed in, meaning they work with your current water lines and don’t need to be refilled or swapped out. Plus, we offer many sizes of water dispensers, from countertop models to free-standing units, so there’s a perfect filtered water solution for your specific break room. As an added bonus, water filtration also makes office coffee and hot tea taste better!

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Micro-Markets That Make Great Richmond
Break Rooms

Don’t underestimate the power of a Richmond micro-market. The open-concept refreshment solution is loved by employees and employers alike. Because there is more room in shelves and glass-front coolers, micro-markets hold more variety to appeal to your Richmond employees. In the micro-market, we stock fresh food options, candy, chocolate, protein snacks, crunchy sides, breakfast choices, and more. Not to mention a wide range of drink flavors and types, including energy drinks and cold brews. Your staff will love the ability to pick up each product and read the nutrition and ingredient label, before buying. Once they know what they want, the self-checkout kiosk is ready to quickly and easily complete the purchase. Simply scan and pay, with cash, credit card, or mobile wallet. Overall, a micro-market is the best way to offer grab-and-go refreshments in your Richmond break room.

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Best Richmond Office Pantry Service for Innovative Businesses

Ready to subsidize your break room with Richmond office pantry service? PVS Refreshments has you covered. We take your budget and maximize it to offer food, snacks, and drinks to your Richmond employees. They will be thrilled with the options we can get. Plus, there’s no more time hunting for snack deals or requesting reimbursement. We handle everything, including providing an invoice for what’s been eaten. And your company gets a grateful staff who like grabbing a quick bite or drink from the break room, for free. It makes them feel valued and appreciated, which drives up morale and boosts productivity.

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