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San Francisco

Want the very best San Francisco vending machines for your break room? Then contact PVS Refreshments. We provide the latest snack vending machines, cold drink machines, and food vending machines. Your San Francisco break room will be a refreshment hub 24/7. Plus, it’s easy for San Francisco employees and customers to use the vending machines because of next-level payment technology. No cash is needed. You can use a credit card or mobile wallet.

Office coffee service and snack vending machines in San Francisco

San Francisco Quality Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service

Nothing beats great-tasting San Francisco office coffee. The rich, gourmet flavor keeps San Francisco employees inspired and productive. Even better is when they can personalize their beverage with a single-cup coffee brewer. Choose from dozens of brands and flavors to make fresh with each cup. Or bring a coffee shop vibe to your break room with a bean-to-cup coffee brewer. These coffee machines brew whole beans into espresso, lattes, and more right in your San Francisco break room.

Water is an essential workplace beverage. Make it accessible with our San Francisco water filtration service. We connect a filter to your current water line to provide your employees with endless pure-tasting water. They can fill up their cups, mugs, or water bottles with hot or cold water on demand. And the water filtration dispensers come in multiple sizes to fit in any type of break room.

Micro-markets and healthy vending machines in San Francisco

Custom San Francisco
Micro-Market Service

Ready to take your break room to a new level of customization? Try our San Francisco micro-market service. It’s designed for your unique space and needs. Everything from the open racks and shelves to how many glass front coolers are installed for drinks and fresh food. It’s all customized to your San Francisco break room. Even what is stocked inside is chosen carefully for you. We stock it with snacks, fresh food, sandwiches, beverages, and healthy options that will appeal to your San Francisco employees.

Pantry services and office coffee service in San Francisco

Premium Office Pantry for
San Francisco

Stand out with high-quality San Francisco office pantry service. This is a personalized approach we offer for San Francisco companies who want their break room to be full of snacks and drinks available free to employees. We work within the given budget, yet find popular and satisfying options to meet San Francisco employee needs. All your company has to do is pay the invoice for what’s been eaten.

Deliver a break room service upgrade to your workplace. Contact PVS Refreshments at (844) 527-4800 or