beverage vending machines and water service in StocktonStockton Area Vending
Machine Provider

PVS Refreshments offers Stockton vending machines filled with the latest snacks and cold drinks. Our modern vending equipment is reliable and energy efficient, perfect for bringing convenient snack and drink options to your Stockton break room. Plus, the vending machines include the latest payment technology, accepting cash and cashless options, such as credit cards. The best aspect of our vending service is that we regularly refill the vending machines so your Stockton employees and customers always have
delicious options.

office coffee solutions and food vending machines in Stockton

Customized Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service for Stockton

We offer Stockton office coffee service chosen to impress. The coffee is gourmet, from high-quality beans and national brands. Plus, our coffee brewers are top-of-the-line, ensuring every cup of coffee in your Stockton break room is the best. It doesn’t matter if you use a pot coffee brewer or a single-cup coffee machine. We offer the coffee products your Stockton employees want. We even supply whole coffee beans for use in bean-to-cup coffee machines that make specialty coffee drinks without
a barista.

Don’t forget about adding Stockton water filtration service to your break room. That way you will have pure-tasting office coffee and tea. Plus, with the filtered water dispenser we offer, your employees have instant access to delicious water, hot and cold, ideal for all types of at-work drinks. Water filtration service is a great way to boost both your existing break room services and the overall break room experience.

micro markets and healthy vending machines in Stockton

Stockton Micro-Market Service for Office
Break Rooms

Want the latest break room solutions? That’s our Stockton micro-market service. We create an open-concept refreshment solution to fit inside your Stockton break room. That means coolers full of fresh food, dairy options, yogurt, sandwiches, sodas, sparkling waters, energy drinks, and more. Nearby are racks of snacks, treats, bars, chips, candy, and fruit perfect for at-work eating. Your Stockton employees will love all the options they get with a micro-market, not to mention buying via the innovative self-checkout kiosk that accepts credit cards and
mobile wallets.

office pantry service and healthy vending service in Stockton

Tailored Office Pantry Service for Stockton Businesses

PVS Refreshments is ready to help you transform your break room into an employee retention tool with Stockton office pantry service. Pick a budget and we’ll use it to provide free, high-quality refreshments to your employees in your Stockton break room. Whether it’s grab-and-go snacks, a flavored filtered water dispenser, or convenient meals, we can create the ideal office pantry for your Stockton employees. It will boost morale and their appreciation of you as
an employer.

Enjoy your Stockton break room again with service options from PVS Refreshments at
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