A unique spin on conventional vending

Boost productivity with complimentary snacks and beverages and food.

Free Vend solutions for your business

Vending Machines in San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay

Free Vend is one of the most popular ways to offer employees vending machine beverages and snacks through the workday. Rather than employees paying for drinks, snacks or anything else PVS Refreshments can provide on your behalf, your company covers the cost. Employees view Free Vend as a generous benefit from their company, especially in the San Jose, San Francisco Bay area, including East Bay. The free vending service expenditure is less than many other formal employee benefits.

Customized programs

Our staff can help tailor vending machine products and services to your specific needs.

Great fringe benefit

Keep employees at your location and energized with free food, snacks and drinks.

Healthy and nutritious

Add a selection of nutrient-rich products to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle at your San Jose, East Bay, San Francisco Bay business.

The ultimate break room

Our free vending services include unique options such as cereal dispensers, ice cream freezers, coffee vending machines, fruit baskets and lots more.