Enjoy vending
that doesn’t
give you the blues

With PVS Refreshments vending service, you can rest assured our refreshments will always perk you up. Our exceptional customer service, delicious refreshment options, and state-of-the-art equipment make for a world-class vending experience.

Exciting Vending Options

Create a unique and custom vending experience for your office by choosing from the options below.

Snack Vending

Beverage Vending

Coffee Vending

Food Vending

Healthy choices

We realize your health’s importance to you and your employees. That’s why we offer today’s most popular nutrient-dense healthy choices. Browse our vending machines and enjoy everything from reduced-sugar drinks to low-carb snacks to low-fat meals.

The Latest Vending Technology

Technology is ever-changing, and we’ve made it our mission to stay on top of the latest technology to create a wonderful experience in the break room. Through modern technology, enjoy payment options, online ordering, USConnect loyalty rewards programs, guaranteed product delivery, and much more.

Subsidized and
Free Vending

Subsidized and free vending isn’t just for pantry service and micro-markets. Many of our customers choose to pay for all or some of their employee’s breakroom expenses. All you have to do is select the amount you’d like to offer your employees, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can even view real-time sales data to see where your employees are at with their spending.

Upgrade to a stress-free vending service today!