3 Easy Break Room Tips for Employee Productivity in San Francisco Offices

San Francisco Micro-Market | Employee Productivity | Fresh Foods

3 Easy Break Room Tips for Employee Productivity in San Francisco Offices

San Francisco Micro-Market | Employee Productivity | Fresh Foods

San Francisco break rooms aren’t just places to relax. They can also improve employee productivity. That’s because mini breaks can sharpen focus. Break rooms can also be great spots for quick calls. Or, employees can load up on healthy snacks.

Want to use your break room to boost employee productivity?  If so, use these three easy tips.

1. Improve Employee Productivity with Relaxation

Surprisingly, relaxation can improve employee productivity. When you feel great, you can work smarter, not harder. Therefore, make your San Francisco break room comfy. Provide comfortable seating. For instance, sofas and lounge chairs are great! This gives employees spots to eat or chat.

Secondly, let the sunlight shine in! Natural light perks up tired employees. Additionally, paint the walls with relaxing colors. Try blues or greens. Don’t forget to add some plants. Natural touches are calming.

2. A Quality San Francisco Coffee Service

Another way to improve productivity is with gourmet coffee. Caffeine increases energy levels. Thus, employees can conquer their workday. Try a single-cup brewer. Employees can customize their cups. Furthermore, they’ll enjoy fresh coffee all day long. They’re also easy to use!

Or, you can offer tea or iced coffee. These San Francisco trendy beverages are great break room perks!

San Francisco Office Coffee | Coffee Service | Beverage Trends

3. Fuel Their Minds and Bodies with Fresh Foods

Fresh foods are break room must-haves. That’s because they keep employees healthy. San Francisco micro-markets make it simple to serve healthier options. For example, you can offer salads or wraps. Or, go gluten-free! Additionally, you can also offer grab-and-go items. Fresh fruit is a great snack for busy workers.

Better yet, stock your San Francisco office pantry with healthy snacks. PVS Refreshments’ customized pantry services can help. We’ll help you pick the snacks your staff craves. For instance, nuts and protein bars are great options. An office pantry also boosts morale!

Lastly, healthy vending machines are a smart choice. Employees can snack on better-for-you foods. This makes it easy to make healthier choices.

PVS Refreshments Can Help Increase Employee Productivity

Want to boost employee productivity? Start with your break room! Healthy foods keep employees fueled. Additionally, gourmet coffee will increase focus and energy. As a result, your team can get more done.

PVS Refreshments can help. We will improve the employee experience in your San Francisco break room. To learn more, call us today at 844.527.4800. Or, you can email us at  info@pvsrefreshments.com. We look forward to hearing from you!