Break Room Benefits in San Francisco

break room benefits | break rooms | micro-markets

Break Room Benefits in San Francisco

break room benefits | break rooms | micro-marketsToday’s labor force has changed quite a bit! Employees are realizing their value and expecting more from their employers. Local businesses have tackled this issue by offering benefits their employees want, like break rooms. Break room benefits are endless and relatively affordable. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of a break room and how they can impact your office.

Low-cost break room benefit

Did you know that San Francisco micro-markets are at no cost to the business? While you can choose to subsidize some of the cost or all of the cost of your employee’s refreshments, the majority of our micro-markets are employee-paid. And, even though they’re employee-paid, they are still a valuable benefit because they offer employees quick and easy access to snacks, meals, and beverages they wouldn’t usually have access to.


One of our favorite things about our vending machines, pantry service, and micro-markets is how customizable they are. We don’t believe in making a one-size-fits-all break room. We’ll meet with you and determine what’s best for you and your employees. We’ll create a San Francisco break room that is unique to you and your needs. We can customize anything from the food and beverages to the break room layout and so much more. They are no rules when it comes to customization of your break room. Why is this a break room benefit? Because employees will appreciate that the break room is stocked with everything they love. Resulting in employer appreciation.

break room benefits | break rooms | micro-markets

Boosts Productivity

There are a lot of ways to boost productivity around the office. San Francisco office coffee service in the break room is one of the best ways. The best part about our office coffee service is that so many options are available. We offer everything from traditional air-pots to trendy cold brew coffee. Having a break room stocked with fresh, delicious coffee does three things for your employees. One, it creates a space for employees to collaborate and work together. Two, it encourages breaks which result in happier and healthier employees. Lastly and most importantly, it boosts productivity around the office!

Helps with bottom line

Many San Fransicso break rooms are stocked with healthy refreshments like fresh fruit, which results in employees making more nutritious food, snack, and beverage choices. When employees start to make healthier food choices, their overall wellness skyrockets. So, employees spend less time calling out sick and more time feeling well and productive. You’ll begin to see a direct correlation between healthy employees, office productivity, and your bottom line.

Are you looking to bring these benefits to your office? We can help with that! Contact us at PVS Refreshments or call (844) 527-4800 to unleash the ultimate employee perks with your refreshment services today!