office coffee options in the san francisco bay area

The reputation of coffee keeps getting better as scientists learn more about it. A recent study by Dr. Donald Weaver, Senior Scientist and Research Director of the Krembil Brain Institute examined how compounds in coffee might help the brain fight Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

During their
research, they inspected coffee extract samples to understand, which
proteins, if any, slowed the misfolding process of two proteins believed to be
involved in Alzheimer’s disease and one protein involved in Parkinson’s

Before we go
any further, let’s take a quick and simplified look at what proteins do. First,
the proteins that we’re talking about are not the type of proteins that we eat.
These proteins are the ones inside a human cell that perform diverse and vital

Proteins can
change shape. The shape of a protein impacts how well it works. If a protein
changes shape or folds correctly, everything should function as intended. When
the protein doesn’t fold correctly, it is called misfolding and problems ensue.
Now, back to the research.

The scientists were able to identify a type of protein called phenylindanes, but these proteins didn’t come from the caffeine in coffee.  Instead, the proteins were the result of the roasting process. The longer the beans were roasted, the more proteins were produced. Whether the beans were regular or decaffeinated, it didn’t matter. As long as the beans were dark roasted, the potency and inhibition properties were similar.

The final
conclusion was that phenylindanes play an important role by protecting the
nervous system. And that might mean there’s a new tool to help fight
Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. While it might appear that this
new information isn’t relevant for your San Francisco Bay Area employees, there
are many other reasons why a delicious and hot caffeinated beverage is good for
your employees.

office coffee options in san francisco bay area

memory, a short-term mental boost and better group performance

Caffeine has
been found to provide a mental boost for 45 minutes after consuming it and to
improve memory over the next 24 hours. Research by the Graduate School of
Management at UC, Davis also found that caffeine has a positive impact on a
group’s performance. 

Reduced risk
for type-2 diabetes and heart disease

Four cups of
coffee. That’s all the caffeine it takes to trigger a protective effect in the
human heart according to researchers in Duesseldorf, Germany. The domino effect
caused by the consumption of caffeine ends with the protection and repair of
the heart muscle. 

Reduced risk
for different types of cancer  

International Agency for Research on Cancer determined, after reviewing 1000
previously completed studies, that coffee cannot be classified as a cause of
cancer anymore. In fact, other researchers determined that coffee intake was
associated with a reduced risk of oral, pharynx, liver, colon, prostate,
melanoma and endometrial cancers. 

Reduced pain
sensitivity for chronic pain sufferers

Scientists from
Boston Children’s Hospital found that consuming caffeine may help decrease pain
sensitivity in those with chronic pain. The consumed caffeine caused dopamine,
a carrier of messages between nerve cells in the brain, to flood the brain’s
pleasure center resulting in decreased pain sensitivity.

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