Retain Your San Francisco Employees with an Office Pantry Service

San Francisco Pantry Service | Healthy Snacks | Retention

Retain Your San Francisco Employees with an Office Pantry Service

San Francisco Pantry Service | Healthy Snacks | Retention

Employee retention is a top priority. Keep your staff happy and well fed with a custom pantry service for your San Francisco office. PVS Refreshments means tasty fresh foods and healthy vending options. Free food is one of the top perks meant to keep talent satisfied. Employees who stay at your company keep experience at your firm. Plus, your tenured staff keeps your business running smoothly.

Pantry Service is a Thoughtful Bay Area Solution

While your San Francisco employees will have many Bay Area food options, a PVS Refreshments in-house pantry service can be tailored to their likes, and your needs. In today’s competitive talent climate, adding a pantry service stocked with nuts, cereal, and more can set your company apart. If you want healthy vending snacks, we can do this too.

Food Benefits Matter

One way employees feel appreciated is with free food and drinks! According to a recent study by Seamless, many employees are not provided food by their employer. In fact, about 78% said while food is provided for client meetings, their companies aren’t providing food for internal meetings. Offering healthy food to employees is a real morale boost.

For some employees, benefits can mean as much – or more –  than take home pay. Consider fresh foods, coffee, and tea beverages as added perks. Also, discounting food is a benefit to existing employees. It’s also a great recruiting tool for new talent. A quality pantry service by an experienced provider shows employees you care about them.

Retain – Don’t Retrain

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The cost to hire, on board, and train new staff can quickly soar. Experienced employees add value to your business. By investing in food and offering office coffee services, you’re adding employee benefits. In fact, we partner with local coffee roasters and well-known national ones. This investment may far outweigh the cost of recruiting and hiring new talent in an increasingly competitive hiring market. Keeping long-term employees happy, healthy, and well fed will boost your bottom line and contribute to your culture.

Employee Loyalty is Client Loyalty

Clients may stay loyal to companies because they like working with your employees. Providing healthy options encourages employees to make healthier choices, especially when it’s convenient. You can add products only available in a pantry service, like a cereal bar, granola, and mixed nuts. Employee retention has hidden savings, which makes offering a pantry service even more attractive. Think of it this way: retain employees to retain clients.

At PVS Refreshments, we tailor our services to focus on your team. Employees will be happier as a result, and they’ll add more value to your workplace. Think of pantry service and break room perks as a partner. When it comes to showcasing your company’s workforce commitment, it’s hard to beat healthy food and beverage services.

Pantry Service with Fresh Fruit from the Orchards

Our partnership with Branch to Box is another bonus because it’s fresh food brought directly to you. Branch to Box is a multi-generational family of farmers offering seasonal fruit, straight from the orchards to your break room. Pantry service allows you to offer fresh fruit to staff in the freshest possible way.

Our pantry service can truly do it all. From the San Francisco Bay Area to Sacramento Valley, PVS Refreshments has all your fresh food, healthy vending, and beverage break room needs covered. To reach us, call (844) 527-4800 or email us at