Snack options in the San Francisco Bay Area

Even if you haven’t heard of the term “snack meal,” you’ve likely experienced it with the 86 percent of Americans who already have. A snack meal is a healthy snack eaten in place of a traditional meal, and more and more people are incorporating them into their diet. For example, according to a recent survey performed for Farm Rich, the average San Francisco Bay Area employee consumes five snack meals each week and is likely to eat their snack meals instead of lunch.

Gilreath, Director of Marketing at Farm Rich, shared that “People are no longer
feeling bound to the traditional three meals a day, which gives them more
variety and time back to do the things they enjoy most, and for many, that
doesn’t involve a ton of time in the kitchen, especially on busy days.”

Of the
different generations of San Francisco Bay Area employees, Millennials are the
most likely to believe that “three standard meals a day is a thing of the
past.” Unlike older generations who look at snacks as a way to curb cravings,
Millennials use snacks as way to refuel without needing a lot of time to
grocery shop, prepare a meal, and then sit down to eat it. Snack meals need to
be easy and quick to prepare and portable. 

Snack options in the San Francisco Bay Area

Farm Rich’s
survey found that the top healthy choices are cheese, crackers, fruit, chips,
nuts, veggies, yogurt, and pretzels. The right combination of these healthy
options will enable employees to create small meals that meet their own unique
nutritional needs.

One way San Francisco Bay Area employers can help their employees meet their meal/snacking needs is to offer healthy snack meals (with beverages) in their break room vending machines or micro-market. Access to healthy, onsite options will not only save time, but it also provides employees with the fuel they need to recharge, giving them the energy to have a productive day. 

If you’d really like to give your San Francisco Bay Area employees a boost, consider offering Pantry Service – their wallets will thank you. Pantry Service provides snacks, food and drinks to employees at no cost to the employee and is a valuable employee benefit.  For more information about customizing the right healthy vending machine or micro-market menu for your employees, contact PVS Refreshments at 844.527.4800.