Why an Office Kitchen is the Best Vending Service in San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Ramon for Employee Retention

San Francisco Office Kitchen | Office Snacks | Employee Perks

Why an Office Kitchen is the Best Vending Service in San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Ramon for Employee Retention

San Francisco Office Kitchen | Office Snacks | Employee Perks

The Bay Area will always be a very competitive job market. With an office kitchen, you are separating yourself from the competition. It’s a unique benefit everyone can enjoy. That makes a San Francisco, Sacramento, or San Ramon office kitchen (sometimes called an office pantry) well worth it! Want details? Read on for the top 4 reasons you’ll want one in your office.

1. A San Francisco Office Kitchen Helps Retain Employees

Retaining employees is a big issue. Many estimates claim it costs 6 to 9 months of salary to replace an employee who leaves. That can add up fast. So how do you keep staff?

Free refreshments in the break room! Our service includes an easy-to-read monthly bill for the items served. It’s a minor expense when compared to the cost of replacing one of your staff.

In other words, a San Francisco office pantry keeps staff, so you’ve instantly saved money.

2. A Sacramento Office Kitchen Helps Recruit Employees

When you are trying to get the best employee for the job, you won’t be the only company making an offer. How can you better stand out to the most qualified candidate?

An office pantry is an excellent Sacramento vending service for recruiting employees. For example, if the salary with a competing offer is the same, but you offer free refreshments at any hour of the day, that could be the deciding factor!

In the end, many employees consider benefits besides pay, including snacks and beverages onsite. Especially with increasing food costs, this can be a huge perk when hiring someone new.

3. A San Ramon Office Kitchen Improves Productivity

A lot of your staff are skipping meals due to back-to-back meetings or simply because they are too busy to leave the office. That lack of sustenance is known to drop productivity.

Sacramento Office Kitchen | San Ramon Pantry Service | Recruiting

You can help gain productivity back by utilizing a San Ramon office pantry. It keeps fresh food, tasty snacks, and a huge mix of drinks just steps from employee desks. This keeps staff hydrated, fed, and energized. There’s no reason to skip grabbing some fuel, which will boost productivity.

All in all, offering free refreshments in the San Ramon office break room is a super helpful way to keep productivity high. Plus, it makes it easy for staff to offer a client something last minute, such as a healthy snack or candy bar.

4. It Offers a Sense of Home

Many employees choose remote work because they want to be at home. Offices are considered stuffy and too corporate. On the other hand, a San Francisco, Sacramento, or San Ramon office pantry creates a giant kitchen for employees. They don’t need to leave the office, to get the comforts of home. They can stop in, grab what they want, and head back to work. Except there are even more options!

Remember, a stocked kitchen can be a truly huge benefit. That’s especially true if you are trying to keep previously remote staff happy.

Alternative Options: Micro-Markets and Vending Services

If you aren’t ready to fully commit to an office pantry, you can still have a modern office break room. Try a hybrid micro-market. This will allow staff to have the same open space layout but with only some free items.

Our San Francisco, Sacramento, or San Ramon vending machines offer subsidized vending services that could be a great option. This lets you put the vending machine on free vend, which makes all the vending food and beverages free. Everything is still covered by your company but kept stocked by us in the machine. This works great for our Healthy You Vending service as well.

Update your Office Break Room Today!

With so many great options, from an office kitchen to free vending, there’s a solution right for your San Francisco, Sacramento, or San Ramon office break room. If you’re not sure which is best, ask PVS Refreshments. We have the experience and know-how to help. Reach out today online or at (844) 527-4800.