How a San Francisco Break Room Boosts Employee Health

San Francisco Break Room Services | Trendy Healthy Refreshments | Wellness

How a San Francisco Break Room Boosts Employee Health

San Francisco Break Room Services | Trendy Healthy Refreshments | Wellness

A healthy San Francisco break room benefits both your staff and the company. That’s because healthy employees feel great. Thus, they’ll be more productive. Furthermore, healthy snacks are fantastic break room perks. They improve the employee experience. As a result, retention rates will soar!

Want to build a healthy break room? If so, offer fresh foods and filtered water. Vending technology also helps.

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San Francisco Micro-Markets Offer Fresh Foods

San Francisco micro-markets keep employees healthy and happy. For starters, employees have on-site access to fresh foods. For instance, they can have a wrap or salad for lunch. Or, they can snack on fruits and veggies. Fresh foods nourish their bodies. Plus, they’re super tasty!

Additionally, PVS Refreshments is proud to offer our Branch to Box service. Get San Francisco healthy snacks delivered straight to your door! We partner with a family-owned orchard. This way, we offer a wide variety of fresh fruits. This helps promote productivity and workplace wellness. Wow!

Healthy Vending Technology

PVS Refreshments offers healthy vending solutions. Our customizable options fit your needs. Get items your employees will love. For example, offer nuts and granola bars. These snacks are nutritious and delicious. Trail mix is also a great option.

San Francisco Healthy Vending | Break Room Office Snacks | Micro-Markets

Our San Francisco vending technology keeps employees healthy. That’s because it reduces the spread of germs. Therefore, fewer employees will get sick. We do this by allowing employees to pay from their phones. They can easily order their favorite snacks from the vending machine. Then, they can make a mobile payment. As a result, fewer fingers will touch shared surfaces.

Fresh Water Makes Your Break Room Healthy

Hydration is important. It helps your body function at its best. It also increases energy levels. Plus, hydration boosts your mood. Therefore, employees should drink more water. This way, they’ll be happy and productive.

Get a San Francisco water filtration service for your office. This removes chemical odors and tastes. Thus, water tastes fresh. Our water filters have touchless technology. Enjoy the water without the germs.

PVS Refreshments carries numerous water filter models. For instance, we have floor-standing and countertop models. As a result, any San Francisco break room can enjoy fresh water!

Furthermore, both models offer hot and cold water. Employees can add fresh water to their coffee. This makes their trendy beverages taste better!

Our Break Room Solutions Keep Employees Feeling Fit and Fabulous

Want to promote workplace wellness? PVS Refreshments can help! We offer personalized break room services. Ask us about our fresh foods and filtered water services.

To learn more, contact us today at 844.527.4800 or We’re excited to hear from you!