PVS Refreshments is the Go-To Company for Your Modern San Francisco Office Break Room

San Francisco Office Food | Modern Office Refreshment | Break Room Services

PVS Refreshments is the Go-To Company for Your Modern San Francisco Office Break Room

San Francisco Office Food | Modern Office Refreshment | Break Room Services

Your employees work hard. Thus, they deserve high-end San Francisco break room solutions. This allows them to relax and recharge in deluxe comfort. But who can you turn to for your modern office break room?

Luckily, PVS Refreshments is here to help. Want to upgrade your San Francisco office pantry? How about revamping your entire break room? We can fulfill those needs and more!

Keep reading to learn why we’re San Francisco’s go-to company for quality break rooms.

Best-In-Class Break Room Solutions

PVS Refreshments is proud to offer quality solutions to San Francisco businesses. Just a few of the services we provide include:

  • San Francisco Micro-Markets: Offer employees more options. Our high-end micro-markets have fresh food and healthy snacks. There’s something for everyone! Therefore, employees can buy delicious meals onsite. They don’t have to drive to a store.
  • Subsidized Micro-Markets: Want to take your micro-market one step further? Treat your team to deep discounts. Subsidized micro-markets improve staff satisfaction. They can even boost retention.
  • Office Pantry Services: Everyone loves free food! Thus, consider a San Francisco office pantry. Employees can enjoy complimentary snacks, drinks, and more.

But that’s not all! We also offer food vending and office coffee solutions.

Add Delicious Coffee to Your Modern Office Break Room 

San Francisco Vending Machines | Micro-Market Office Service | Modern Break Room

A San Francisco office coffee service is a must-have. PVS Refreshments has the best coffee services in town! We carry state-of-the-art brewers, including:

  • Bean to Cup Coffee Brewers: Bring the café experience to your break room! Our bean to cup brewers make fresh, delicious coffee. Additionally, you can make lattes and cappuccinos. Yum!
  • Single Cup Brewers: Want a different coffee machine for office employees? Try a single cup brewer. You can brew pods, K-Cups, or pouches. Coffee always tastes great.

Furthermore, we have water filtration systems. This removes chemical tastes and odors. Therefore, coffee tastes better. We have countertop and floor-standing models. Thus, our systems fit any space.

While you sip your coffee, grab a snack. We carry best-in-class snack vending machines. Some healthy snack ideas to try include popcorn and nuts. Feeling thirsty? Grab a drink from our San Francisco beverage vending machines.

We Can Build the Modern Office Break Room of Your Dreams! 

PVS Refreshments will design your perfect space. That’s because we’re an authorized Coolbreakooms provider. Thus, we use modern technology. We also carry healthy food options. Lastly, you’ll always enjoy superior customer service.

We’re also proud to be a NAMA member. As such, we have a deep understanding of the industry. You’ll always receive the best services in San Francisco!

Our pros can design every inch of your break room. For instance, we can help you select artwork, lighting, and furniture. Design the best break room for your staff.

Want to learn more? Call PVS Refreshments at (844) 527-4800. We have the experience to provide outstanding results. Therefore, employees will be wowed!

Contact us to learn more about our office coffee, vending, micro-market, and water filtration services. We look forward to your call!