How to Make Healthier Choices in San Francisco and Sacramento this Summer: Beyond Food Vending Machines

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How to Make Healthier Choices in San Francisco and Sacramento this Summer: Beyond Food Vending Machines

San Francisco Food Vending | Vending Service | Vending Equipment

Making healthier choices during the summer is crucial for maintaining well-being. Plus, if you want to enjoy outdoor summer activities, it’s important to drink enough water and eat well. San Francisco and Sacramento companies can support healthy choices at work with vending services.

When it comes to vending services, many assume the only choices are beverage vending machines and food vending machines. However, that’s not true. PVS Refreshments offers many options to promote healthier lifestyles.

Here are five strategies that go beyond food vending services. With them, you can create a positive workplace. Plus, you’ll support hydration and encourage healthy eating habits. Check them out!

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1. Encourage Hydration with an Office Water Service

Staying hydrated is essential, especially on hot summer days. That’s why you need a San Francisco and Sacramento water filtration service, such as the Bevi water dispenser. The Bevi offers a wide range of flavored and sparkling water options. That means everyone can drink water just how they like it. There’s even the option to adjust sweetness levels. Bevi ensures a refreshing and enjoyable cup of water for everyone in the office.

Plus, when your employees get enough water, they feel better. Frequent water breaks can boost mood and mental function. So, be sure to add this feature to your break room.

2. Offer More Choices with Better Beverage Vending Services

Not everyone likes to drink water. Yet, they still need to stay hydrated. Luckily, water isn’t the only healthy beverage. PVS Refreshments also offers San Francisco and Sacramento beverage vending machines. The vending machines can include a variety of healthy drink options. For example, add sugar-free or low-calorie beverages like flavored water and unsweetened teas. Natural fruit juices are another great choice. With these options in the break room, it’s easier for employees to choose healthier drinks. Cheers to that!

3. Provide Fresh Food with an Office Pantry

There’s nothing healthier than whole fruit or fresh salads. How can you offer these foods to employees? With a San Francisco and Sacramento office pantry. It’s easy to support nutritious eating with this vending service. PVS Refreshments can help set up a well-stocked pantry with a range of choices. In addition to fresh foods, offer yogurt, protein bars, and whole grain snacks. This allows employees to make healthier food choices during snack breaks or meal times.

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4. Bring More Healthy Refreshments with a Micro-Market

For a wider selection of healthy and fresh foods, add a micro-market to your break room. This is one of the best vending services. It can greatly benefit employees and is fully automated. PVS Refreshments can assist in setting up your San Francisco and Sacramento micro-market. We’ll tailor it to offer plenty of nutritious options. Stock your market with salads, sandwiches, wraps, and more. Having easy access to fresh meals and healthy snacks can encourage employees to make better choices for their lunches or on-the-go snacks.

If you have a smaller space, food vending machines are another great choice. We can work with you to bring a variety of fresh food to a break room of any size.

5. Incentivize Healthy Options in the Break Room

Do you want to go a step further? With our vending services, you can also incentivize your employees. How does it work? You can pay for a portion of your employees’ products. For example, you can discount healthy items from the food vending machine. Or, subsidize your micro-market. That can make healthy items more affordable and appealing.

Opt for Great Vending Services from PVS Refreshments

It’s time to get healthy this summer! Staying healthy can help your employees stay focused and feel good through these summer months. There are many ways to reach this goal. From micro-markets to water filtration systems, discover more than food vending machines with PVS Refreshments!

Get in touch to create your healthy break room. Contact PVS Refreshments at (844) 527-4800 or for more information. We look forward to working with you.