Recruit and Retain Sacramento Employees with a Hybrid Micro-Market

Sacramento Subsidized Micro-Market | Hybrid Food Benefits | Wellness

Recruit and Retain Sacramento Employees with a Hybrid Micro-Market

Sacramento Subsidized Micro-Market | Hybrid Food Benefits | Wellness

With a Sacramento break room hybrid micro-market, your company checks all the boxes – and supports local businesses. Customize your choices? Check. Fresh, locally sourced food? Check. Happy employees? Double check.

When you provide a mix of free and employee paid meals, discounted snacks and drinks, you’ll help employees meet their healthy food goals. What’s more, you’ll make their lives easier, too.

What’s a Hybrid Micro-Market?

Micro-market services are a great way to support employees, because first and foremost, fresh food is a healthy choice.

Your Sacramento micro-market is fast and convenient, automated, and available to your employees any time, day or night. You can also add water filtration so employees stay fresh and hydrated.

PVS Refreshments offers made-to-order designs located right in your Sacramento company break room. You call the refreshment shots. Pick and choose gets stocked, and when it’s stocked. You decide on the free, discounted and employee paid for items. Hybrid micro-markets cater to your employees’ wellness goals, and they cater to your company’s bottom line.

Talent Thinks about More Than Pay

Research shows job searchers look at a lot of factors when they are on the hunt for a new job. Pay is only one of them. More and more, a company’s culture is a main factor in whether or not a job candidate converts to a new employee. It is also a driving factor in keeping quality talent. From a healthy work/life balance to travel time, food is a strong and attractive consideration for many employees.

Choose PVS Refreshments for Your Hybrid Micro-Market

Fill your Sacramento employee needs by offering fresh food. You’ll also support local businesses when you partner with PVS Refreshments.

Sacramento Hybrid Micro-Market | Employee Benefits | Healthy Snacks

We take pride in partnering with local commissaries for fresh ingredients. What’s more, your employees will be more likely to eat healthier, which translates to fewer sick days and missed work time. And fresh food, whether it’s vending machines or micro-markets, adds value to your workplace and your Sacramento break room.

Combine Office Coffee Services with Your Hybrid Micro-Market

It’s easy to combine our office coffee service with your hybrid micro-market. Filtered water is a Sacramento option, too. We’ll stock the coffee items, take care of equipment care and make it a cinch for you to upgrade.

Think about another way to support area businesses by adding a local brand for your employees to enjoy, such as Blue Bottle Coffee. With local Sacramento coffee and tea brands, your break room will be unique.

Scale Your Options

Did you know free and discounted healthy food options act as a way to retain employees? Maybe an office pantry feels like too much to try right away. No problem. A hybrid micro-market is a great way to test-drive this flexible service, and see if it’s what you want for your business.

If you’re still unsure about adding a hybrid micro-market, we have fresh food vending. With food and drink vending machines, you’ll still provide great break room perks. We stock the machines with choices your employees love to keep the process easy.

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